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Structural Lifting & Levelling

Construction Services

Structural Lifting

With over 250 unique structural lifts completed since our founding in 2008, FailSafe brings a wealth of experience to each project. We provide lifting services to contractors and homeowners who want to complete the foundation construction/repair work, but don’t want to be responsible for the structural lifting portion of the project.

Regardless of the purpose of the lift, whether it is in preparation for a foundation replacement/repair, a structural move, a main story addition, or in response to issues stemming from flooding or extreme weather, FailSafe can accommodate the size and shape of the structure. Whether it’s a house, cabin, barn, garage, shop, or commercial building, we provide our clients a fully insured structural lift that we guarantee will be conducted safely and efficiently.

Through utilizing our ArrowLift Structural Lifting System, additional project benefits afforded to our clients include:

  • 3rd party engineer approved lifting system configurations
  • Enhanced safety protocols when compared to standard wood crib lifting.
  • Lifting system is positioned outside the footprint of the lifted structure. This creates a clear span structural lifting procedure with no wood cribbing occupying the workspace below.
  • Improved excavation and construction efficiencies means money saved.
  • 20’ maximum adjustable house lift height – mid project height adjustments


Structural Levelling

FailSafe provides a range of structural levelling services for houses and commercial buildings that have shifted or sunk as a result of ground movement. Solutions are determined by assessing the design and construction of the structure and consulting with a certified structural engineer.

Temporary lifting system requirements for the purpose of structural levelling are usually unique to the structure being levelled. Corrective construction measures are also usually unique to the structure and determined on a case by case basis.

In instances where the foundation of a house has shifted but isn’t structurally compromised, we can level the main structure of the house from the top of the foundation up. By temporarily installing an internal lift system to raise the house to a level position, we can reset the house’s main story floor system to a constant plane from front to back and from side to side.

After the leveling has been completed, wood shimming or concrete grout is wedged into the emergent gap in between the foundation and floor system of the house. After this, the house is fastened back down to the foundation.

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