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Mobile Structural Lifting System

The standard method for lifting structures using hydraulic jacking systems and wood cribbing is used by 100% of the specialized structural lifting companies who dominate the industry. While most of these companies are reputable and experienced, the wood cribbing method causes excavation and construction inefficiencies, is very labour intensive, and not easily accessible for new operators who wish to enter the structural lifting industry.

The ARROWLIFT is a patent pending, engineered, steel-fabricated industrial structural lifting system that is assembled outside the perimeter of a structure and used to lift the structure safely for foundation construction or moving purposes. Unlike its predecessor ‘The Atlas’, it’s equipped with a continuous drive system which allows the operator to lift structures up to 25 ft in a single pass without any required resets.

It provides an unobstructed, clear-span worksite below the lifted structure and is the safest way to elevate a structure found anywhere in the market today. Any competent, well equipped contractor can be trained to operate the system and will enjoy mitigated safety concerns, enhanced worker and equipment maneuverability, labour efficiencies, and increased project productivity when compared to structural lifting methods utilizing wood cribbing.

Each ARROWLIFT tower can support up to 20 tons of structural load for a total system load of 80 tons on 4 towers. By adding more lifting towers the operator can increase the load capacity of the total system. Specific options are available in relation to height capacity and beam configurations.

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