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Who we are

FailSafe House Lifting Systems provides solutions for elevating structures for foundation construction purposes and flood damage mitigation.  Our focus is on the continuous development of the foremost structural lifting technologies available anywhere on the market today.

 There are emerging markets found globally for lifting structures as a result of property damage associated with flood events, new basements for an aging housing stock, and sublevel residential housing redevelopment in high density urban areas. Furthermore, Global warming is causing sea-level rise as oceans expand and is making storm patterns more energetic. Consequently, it will affect most of the world’s coastlines through inundation and increased erosion.

The traditional approach to lifting structures using hydraulic jacking systems and wood cribbing is a small specialized trade and acts as a barrier for many companies from entering the structural lifting industry. It’s a segment of the construction industry that hasn’t experienced substantial innovation for decades and whose tools and technologies have remained virtually unchanged for 60 years.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing innovative, systematic, and safe structural lifting systems of outstanding quality.

Engineered mobile steel fabricated foundation system for lifting structures up to 25 ft with a clear-span work space up to 75 ft.

Engineered permanently installed steel fabricated system for on-demand lifting up to 10 ft in the event of flooding.

Engineered permanently installed steel fabricated foundation for on-demand levelling of structures impacted by ground movement.

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