Basement Replacement

FailSafe provides basement replacement packages to homeowners who have decided to redevelop their basement for reasons that might include but are not limited to:

  • Existing basement failure
  • Limited ceiling height and basement functionality
  • Existing foundation is a crawlspace
  • To develop a revenue generating suite
  • Water table is too high

Basement replacement packages can be customized to a client’s needs, though we prefer to limit our involvement to the following core project items.

  • Coordinating the basement engineering
  • Lifting the house
  • Excavating and removing the existing basement
  • Installing the piles if required
  • Constructing the new ICF (insulated concrete form) basement
  • Lowering the house and reattaching it to the new foundation
  • Installing waterproof membrane on exterior of the basement walls
  • Installing weeping tile and completing backfill

*Please refer to the featured brochure for more information.


Basement Replacement Packages starting at $80K


How long does FailSafe require to complete a House Lift and Basement Replacement?

Can I live in my house while the basement is being replaced?

Are there any restrictions with how deep in the ground the foundation can be installed?

When my house is lifted, does there tend to be any cracking or damage to the windows or interior walls?

Does FailSafe arrange the engineering and building permit?

Does FailSafe arrange the necessary disconnection and reconnection of services such as gas, water, and power?

Will the yard be damaged?

Are there any additional costs associated with replacing my basement that I should be aware of?

Can you lift a house with the chimney and fireplace?

Does FailSafe remove Chimneys?

How much does my house weigh?

Will I need to add soil to the excavation area in the future?

We’ve decided to replace our basement with FailSafe, how do we book a spot?

How does the payment schedule work?

What kind of insurance coverage does FailSafe carry?

What services are included in a FailSafe basement replacement package?

Nothing compares to the safety, accessibility and timesaving provided by the Atlas lifting system.

Fail Safe has done a number of projects in Regina for both my clients and myself over the past five years and I recommended them to a number of my neighbours at Crooked Lake after the 2014 flood. I have been in the construction/project management business for 40 years and seen many house lifting systems and processes but nothing compares to the safety, accessibility and timesaving provided by the Atlas lifting system. And they are a very professional outfit to work with.

~ Mark Crawford / Dec 2016




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